Chilled cucumber avocado soup with yogurt, basil, almonds and good oil–rich and delicious. Kale Salad with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, garlicky croutons (I passed on these) and lemon dressing. Crackermeal fried oysters over scrambled eggs, bacon (I ordered it without, but it probably does add a nice hint of saltiness), lemon and fresh horseradish.

I was enticed to have the fried oysters (I, who religiously avoid fried foods!) on my first visit to Riffs and I cannot go there without splurging over and over again! There is something about the combination of the crunchy cooked oysters with the warmth of the scrambled eggs, tangy lemon and the nice kick of the horseradish that makes this dish the ultimate in comfort food for me. I love to enjoy it simultaneously with the kale salad, these two together as my entree. Located right on the beautiful pedestrian Pearl Street Mall, this is a go to spot for me anytime I’m in Boulder.

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