I create my recipes in a variety of ways. Sometimes one is inspired by a meal out. Sometimes it’s a recipe in a magazine that I see and then change to fit my own likings. Other times, I just want to make something new and I google several recipes and synthesize what sounds best to me. Often I am inspired by seasonal ingredients or foods with a specific benefit, such mushroom for immunity or turmeric for arthritic relief.  Or, I open a cookbook, look at the ingredients and leave out what I don’t like and add in what I do. Whatever my source of inspiration, my recipes come from the heart and from my own personal proclivities. An initial hurdle for me, in writing my recipes, was the issue of measurement. I like to cook “off the cuff.” I prefer to use a splash of olive oil (extra virgin, of course) rather than measuring out a tablespoon or two. I read recently that a 2 second pour is ideal (though I’ve got to believe that it would depend on the spout opening). I like to put dry spices, pepper and salt into the cupped palm of my hand in the amount that looks just right. And I like to eyeball a quarter cup of chopped fresh herbs or just use the amount of spinach or kale or whatever vegetable that I have on hand, rather than measure out a specific amount.

I believe that cooking at its best is improvisation–a creative expression of love that gives life because, literally, food gives life. I believe in imbuing the food I cook with love from my heart, using real whole food ingredients and avoid “re-shapened” packaged goods. Do this and your body will thank you. Your body and soul will feel the difference. You will feel and look better!  This is the spirit with which I offer my recipes. That said, I have been cooking in the kitchen for many years for a variety of palates and, therefore, I have a somewhat checkered past…some of my recipes are not completely in line with my current thinking and personal dietary goals. But this is life…there’s lots that comes into the mix! I cannot and do not really want to stamp out my past and family recipes from prior epochs. So, take a page out of my play book–enjoy what you will, but be mindful of what you indulge in and eat for a good life!