OM in the New Year

I have come to see Thursday as my “me” day. This usually involves yoga on my own, a quick lunch with girlfriends and then off to OM, our 1pm meditation class at Opening Minds, a.k.a. OM Laguna Beach on Forest Avenue. Sometimes as many as six others and I will settle in, listen to Lori describe a passage or lesson from a new book each month, and then we sit silently, trying to quiet the mind for at least twenty blissful minutes.

In today’s world there are so many distractions and our attention is pulled in a million directions at once. Often I take on too much and run all around. OM is my gift to myself, an opportunity to clear out my mind, to sit peacefully, to listen, to love myself and try to let go of all else.

Mindfulness, a key to well-being.

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