My Favorite Cookbooks of the Day

I snapped this photo back in September of 2014, thinking these were some of my favorite cookbooks of the day–especially the top three. I love kale and the top book its funny and sexy in it’s presentation of a ton of recipes all which include this wonderful nutritional powerhouse of a vegetable.

True Food restaurant and the dining room at Miraval are two of the few places you can go and order anything on the menu and feel good about it–no worries about too much fat, overly rich sauces or over-sized portions. The cookbooks from these places contain time consuming recipes, but worth the time and effort to make.

Clean by Alejandro Junger, MD is a great starting point for anyone looking to radically change their diet or do a temporary cleanse; at a minimum, it will get you thinking about how much sugar and how many additives you unwittingly consume every day. Gwyenth Paltrow’s It’s All Good contains specific recipes that fall under Junger’s clean eating guidelines (a.k.a. the elimination diet)  and much, much more. It’s a great “go to” resource in my kitchen still today.

Some of the others pictured above, such as Ricky Lauren’s book and the Lilly Pulitzer cookbooks, are more sentimental picks which exemplifly the type of personal expression I hope to create in my own cookbook, currently a work in progress.

The Cure, like Clean, offers valuable dietary guidelines for healthy disease-free living; though I admit, some of the cleanses described near the end seem extreme (and somewhat scary!) to me. But we all have to do what we feel we have to do in order to achieve our health goals.

Another great one, not pictured above, is Anticancer A new Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD. This book was introduced to me by my 30-year-old niece who beat throat cancer last year, and outlines dietary and lifestyle guidelines for living a long and healthy cancer-free life.

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