After over six years of regularly attending Geo’s Power Yoga class and a year and a half of practicing mindfulness and meditation with Lori Kahn at OM Laguna Beach, these messages reasonate…

Lead with a wide open heart
Be the fearless warrior
Breathe in positive energy, peace, love and gratitude
Breathe out and let go of all sadness, pain, fear and uncertainty

Flood yourself with gratitude for the simple things—your respiratory system, your strong legs, your agile mind, the special people in your life, the food on your plate, beauty in nature, your comfortable bed

Live with love, with a smile
And love and smiles will be returned to you
Expect good things and they will come to you
Be free, be happy, be out there
Love yourself and be yourself

Think positively
Find love and laughter in the little things

Let go of negativity which does not serve you
Breathe it out and let it go

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